Effective Leadership Training



The primary function of this program is to lead the management team to achieve and reach higher levels professionally, effectively and successfully. According to a survey conducted by psychologists, a knowledgeable, charismatic and committed leader can increase the proactive level of his people by at least 20 times.
The programme is designed to give a solid understanding of leadership, pushing the limit, endurance, team work, and resourcefulness. It will get new leadership strategies to look 360 point of view in their team to enhancing the qualities and potential through effective leadership skills training.
At the end of this programme the management team will be fully equipped to fulfill the role of leadership with critical skills to become a successful team member. By learning to direct delegate, empower, motivate, and develop positive thinking and communication in team member for lead their team greater to success.


As the program title proclaims after this training you will be equipped with a tool box of strategies that you can immediately begin to implement. These strategies will make you intimately familiar with the essential leadership’s traits of visioning, inspiring and decision making.
Moreover, you will leave the training with a comprehensive list of websites and blogs that you can use to continue improving your leadership skills long after the workshop has successfully finished.


The one-day program will be highly interactive encouraging the participants to contribute their own personal leadership experiences. The trainer will offer his expertise, as well as, a variety of learning techniques such as corporate and business school case studies, self-assessments, videos and teamwork activities.