Tioman Island

Tioman Island is one of the most beautiful islands in Malaysia. It is situated about 56km off the coast of Pahang.This island is a tranquil spot for relaxing days under the sun. Pamper yourself by taking a dip in its emerald https://chiefessays.net/ crystal clear waters, enjoy a stroll by the beach or slumber down by the gentle sound of the waves. the largest and most populous village is Tekek Village in the north. All of them are beautiful in their own rights. The larger ones being Salang, Genting, Paya and Juara.

Redang Island

Pulau Redang is a small island group in the South Chinese Sea, on the east side of Peninsular Malaysia. Redang lies within protected marine waters, also known as Terengganu Marine Park. The island is surrounded by crystal clear water and has various beautiful diving possibilities for the aficionados. You can also snorkel around the island ,  the coral reefs are in good health. The reefs of the Redang archipelago are home to over 55 genera of corals and 100 species of fish.

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Pangkor Island

Pangkor is just 8 square kilometers, but you’ll be surprised how much you can do. Nipah island and Coral beach often dotted with holiday makers. There are also two small islands nearby which is Giam and Mentagor that are perfect for snorkeling with an array of coral, sea cucumbers and other sea life to be found. If you’re more adventurous, grab a kayak and circumnavigate the islands. Pasir Bogak is another famous beach, just 2km from Pangkor Town and it is the best place for jet skiing and parasailing.

Langkawi Island

Langkawi is an archipelago made up of 99 islands on Malaysia’s west coast. Surrounded by turquoise sea, the interior of the main island is a mixture of picturesque paddy fields and jungle-clad hills. The island is especially recognized for its excellent diving opportunities and this tropical gem https://find-bride-scam.com/ hides a treasure trove of other exciting holiday opportunities. From the expansive Underwater World Langkawi along Pantai Cenang to the soaring Cable Car in Pantai Kok, Langkawi is an electrifying locale that keeps visitors coming back for more.
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Jerejak Island

Jerejak Island is an islet off the eastern coast of Penang Island in the State of Penang, Malaysia. Located within the Northeast Penang Island District, it is also a short ferry ride from the town of Bayan Lepas near the southeastern tip of Penang Island. A beautiful tropical island set amidst virgin jungle, Pulau Jerejak is every nature lover’s dream come true! Coupled with her rich historical background, a holiday here promises to be refreshingly different. Relics and artifacts share a home with the rich flora and fauna of this island. Get ready for an adventure as you step into one of the few remaining rainforests of Malaysia

jerejak island

Penang Island

Penang – a world renowned exotic holiday destination – was known, once upon a time, as Pulau Pinang or the “Isle of the Betel Nut”. Listed as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site in 2008, this virgin paradise has no shortage of cultural sights and natural scenery. Nicknamed the Pearl of the Orient, Penang is famous for its soft sandy beaches and is fondly regarded as the food capital of Malaysia. Some of the most interesting sites of Penang include the sandy beaches of Tanjung Bungah, the landscape from the summit of Penang Hill and the vipers in the Snake Temple. The quaint nooks and crannies of Georgetown and the Tropical Spice Garden – the only spice garden in South East Asia – as well as Penang’s many flea markets, pasar malams’, KOMTAR and modern shopping malls also merit a visit.

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Port Dickson

Port Dickson is a beach resort destination at Negeri Sembilan in Malaysia, about 90km south from Kuala Lumpur and 30km away from Seremban. Also called ‘PD’ by locals, this popular holiday retreat is located within easy reach from KL and Singapore by major highways and roads. From PD’s town center, a coastline of warm beaches and calm seas stretches along a 10-mile strip towards Malacca.

The most popular beach zones along this stretch are Teluk Kemang, Blue Lagoon, Bagan Pinang, Pantai Purnama and Pantai Cahaya Negeri, supported by major hotels, resorts and apartments that offer budget and luxury family accommodation.

port dickson